Planning an Entertainment on Your Wedding Day

It’s a long busy day, live music, a chance to lay down their hair and most importantly, alcoholic drinks that every guest anticipates and also, it will make the crowd increasingly keen on dancing with the band. Basically, just getting on the stage with the live band and grabbing their microphone will definitely annoy the band and also, an example of a very bad etiquette.

Just imagine a drunk employee coming into your office and messing up everything, is the same as a drunk person on the stage with the band. If one of the guests is musical and wants to perform with them or using their musical instruments, it is best to plan this out before the start of the performance so that the band already anticipates and also can accommodate that guest in terms of the instruments required and timing.

Beverages and Food

As a basic rule, supplying beverages and dinner, which includes access to alcoholic beverages, is a good way to keep everybody happy. Obviously, it is very unacceptable for your DJ and band to become unruly and drunk. As a matter of fact, both alcoholic beverages and meals are just optional however, your suppliers will appreciate your kind if you provide them with such.

Musical Grooms and Brides

One of the persons getting married can sometimes be musical and would want to include that into their big event. This is a very lovely and captivating moment and if the groom or bride loves to perform, the live band will do whatever it takes in order to make this happen. However, you should consider giving the band notice so that the moment will not be ruined and it will be easier to the band to make adjustments on the tune and the voice of their clients.

Song Requests

Live bands will often play a requested song only if they have practiced that song. They may decide to ignore your request if it is not suitable for the event, time and guests, though generally if the groom, bride or their parents request for something, the live band will be obliged to do whatever they are asked to perform. The client is never wrong after all.

However, DJs will play song requests wherever possible as long as they suit within the concept of the style of music being played. If the live band does not know how to play the song you really like, request them well prior to your wedding day so that they have still time to practice the sequence of the song.

Some bands will perform this with no extra charge while most of the bands will require an additional fee to learn a requested song because it will take them several hours or even days of rehearsing and working out before it is ready to perform live for you. Time is money after all. A wedding DJ Calgary can download any songs that they do not have from them so let them know prior to the event what they will need to download for your wedding reception.