A lot of us humans practice a daily routine that is quite unchangeable especially when done over some time. We sleep on the same time every night, we eat breakfast the same time every evening and we even do our daily exercise on the same time each day. However, what happens when this daily schedule gets disrupted?


Travelling for business is one of the causes why your daily routine gets disturbed, especially your exercise regimen. Thus, instead of being healthy and fit even during travelling, you couldn’t possible do your work-out because of some official journey you should be in. However, this should not always be the case.

Here are some tips how you could star healthy and fit, even during in business travel

1. Hotel Gyms

In an official travel, you are almost always going to be housed in some good hotels. A reputable hotel has amenities that its customers such as swimming pools, sauna or gyms. If you are lucky enough to be in these kinds of hotels, maximizing the utility of these amenities could yield good results.

For instance, when you are housed in a hotel with gym, you could do your daily exercise in these gyms so that you won’t be skipping a day or two in your exercise regimen.

2. Swimming

Some hotels don’t necessarily have gyms and other related amenities. However, most if not all have its own hotel pool. If you are into the water and the heat of the sun, swimming is a good form exercise which you could use as alternative for your daily exercise regimen.

This does not only help you retain in your daily dose of exercise, but it could also let you try to explore some other forms of exercise, such as swimming, which you might find enjoyable at the end of the day. Moreover, who doesn’t find pleasure while inside a pool of water, right?

3. In-Room Exercise

When your hotel unfortunately doesn’t have amenities such as a gym nor a swimming pool, the best option left for you to enjoy is to do your exercise inside your very room. Just with a smart-phone and a wi-fi connection, you could enjoy tons of exercising techniques you could find on the web and enjoy them even while inside your room. The secret is to be very creative especially when times where you need creativity the most.

4. Stay Active

If you don’t have the luxury of time nor the amenities to do your daily exercise, try to have as much physical activity that you could do even when wearing a business attire. That is, you could walk to your destination by your feet, take the stairs instead of escalators or elevators and anything that involves you working out.

However, if you don’t have a choice but to ride a vehicle maybe because you are bad with directions, one of the best thing you could do is to take advantage of a luxury car rental. Try to do some research about the local companies in the place you are travelling to and gain as much information as you could in order to ensure your safety.

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